I wanted to share with you a fix I discovered to address the scrolling issue we’ve been experiencing within the Developer Console for Chrome. It is really frustrating and time consuming when trying to scroll through your code and the scrollbar snaps uncontrollably. It was apparent that this was a Chrome specific issue as I wasn’t experiencing the same thing in Firefox. However as great as Firefox is, I simply prefer to develop using Chrome.

Fortunately, Chrome enables a backdoor for enabling/disabling many of the new or experimental features released, and it’s one of these settings that I found resolves the snapping issue for me. Here are the few steps to resolve the issue:

1. In Chrome go to the URL chrome://flags/
2. Search for Scroll Anchoring
3. Set to Disabled
4. Relaunch Chrome

This should resolve the snapping issue experienced in Chrome while using the Developer Console feature of Salesforce.com.