This tutorial surfaces a way to dedupe accounts by record ID, rather than by record name.

I have encountered a way to hack, or leverage rather, salesforce standard functionality for the greater good of mankind. There is an annoying limitation for the deduplication of accounts. The limitation is an issue where when two records are to be merged through the account merge wizard, they must have the same or similar names. If they happen to have two different names, one would have to be renamed to match the other.

Well this tutorial will incorporate a hack to make the merging of two accounts easier. This hack bypasses the first search screen of the merge functionality for accounts and layers a custom interface on top of the merge wizard. This allows us to instead specify two account id’s and from there take advantage of the default merge wizard.

To incorporate this functionality into your org, create a new visual force page with the following html:

<form id=”stageForm” action=”/merge/accmergewizard.jsp” method=”POST” name=”stageForm” onsubmit=”if (window.ffInAlert) { return false; }”>
<div><b>Merge Accounts by ID</b></div>
<div>This is a simple page which leverages the native salesforce merge functionality and allows an administrator to merge by ID rather than just by name.</div>
<td>Account ID 1:</td>
<td><input id=”cid0″ title=”Select row 0″ type=”text” name=”cid” value=”” /></td>
<td>Account ID 2:</td>
<td><input id=”cid1″ title=”Select row 1″ type=”text” name=”cid” value=”” /></td>
<td colspan=”2″><input class=”btn” title=”Next” type=”submit” name=”goNext” value=” Next ” /></td>

Now open the page and add two account record ids and click next.

This will now take you from the custom screen and into the merge wizard for making merge decisions.

Just another tool to add to your tool belt should you find it useful.

Thanks for reading.