I use the Force.com IDE in Eclipse, and at the moment there is no support of the API version 21 or 22, or I should say there is no automatic support. If you are just getting into development with Javascript Remoting, which is useful for many things, especially incorporating jQuery into your visual force pages, then you may need this post.

Upon starting to write my first Javascript Remoting class in eclipse, I found that @RemoteAction was not supported. This was  a bit of a shock to me as I had thought that the feature was automatically supported since it is well out of developer preview. So after digging around the internet a little, i found this solution.

First, update your Force.com IDE for Eclipse using the ‘Check for Updates’ button found in the Force.com Start Page in Eclipse.

Javascript Remoting Update

You should find the following update at the very least (assuming you have not already made this update).

Force.com IDE Update


Once you have made that update, create your Javascript Remoting Global class, then update the associated xml file for that class. Change the API version number to 21 or 22 (both worked for me).

Javascript Remoting Update API Version

That should do it, you should no longer have the issue of  ‘@RemoteAction annotation not supported’.

One other crucial note: If your org uses a namespace (a package prefix) you will have to use that in your visualforce page’s javascript when calling the remote function. Example: MyOrgPrevix.MyClassController.MyRemoteFunction(Paramemters…).

Hope this helps.