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Solution: Scroll Bug for Chrome Developer Console

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I wanted to share with you a fix I discovered to address the scrolling issue we’ve been experiencing within the Developer Console for Chrome. It is really frustrating and time consuming when trying to scroll through your code and the… Continue Reading →

Salesforce on iTunes

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Podcasting is apparently still alive and well and there is actually a channel dedicated to administering Salesforce. I kind of happened about this discovery and it is actually done really well by Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Madill with guest speakers…. Continue Reading →

The Big Salesforce Announcement

So what are we to expect from this vague suggestion that a brand new Salesforce will be revealed on August 25th? “16 years, 48 product releases, thousands of features, millions of happy users — it’s been an incredible journey. Together, we’ve changed business… Continue Reading →

Data Completeness

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“Measure what is measurable, make measurable what is not.” – Galileo One of the very first custom functionality features that a Salesforce manager should implement into their instance is a couple of formulas used to measure data quality. These formulas… Continue Reading →

Dreamforce 2013

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Be sure to check out all of the recorded sessions from this years Dreamforce on youtube. This youtube channel includes recorded sessions on the Streaming API, SOQL to SQL conversion, Analytics API, non-profit crm, and the keynotes which include conversations… Continue Reading →

Dedupe Accounts by ID

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This tutorial surfaces a way to dedupe accounts by record ID, rather than by record name. I have encountered a way to hack, or leverage rather, salesforce standard functionality for the greater good of mankind. There is an annoying limitation… Continue Reading →

Experience Salesforce Touch from your desktop

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For some time now the ability to test drive mobile versions of a website has been as easy as changing some settings on your browser. This tutorial will help to surface that functionality. We’ll focus on the touch version of… Continue Reading →

Salesforce.com Android Application

I recently finished an Android application that interfaces with Salesforce.com to allow a sales rep to manage their opportunities within their Salesforce org. I made a final presentation of this app to present at the end of the professional continuing… Continue Reading →

Working with Javascript Remoting and VisualForce Pages

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I use the Force.com IDE in Eclipse, and at the moment there is no support of the API version 21 or 22, or I should say there is no automatic support. If you are just getting into development with Javascript… Continue Reading →

Salesforce.com Advanced Queries

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I figured it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for me to post a list of advanced Salesforce.com Apex SOQL queries. This should be a good reference for the community as well as for my own personal reference.    … Continue Reading →

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