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Schedule Apex Jobs

The easiest way to schedule a recurring task to run at intervals other than daily or weekly is through the system log. If your objective is to simply schedule an apex schedulable class to run on a daily or weekly… Continue Reading →

Salesforce vs. The Competition (Live Chart)

Using Google Trends I was able to create an up-to-date snapshot of the current trend in Customer Relationship Management. Included is Salesforce and just a couple CRM rivals. To create your own Google Trends chart click here.

Ahah! Wallpapers Galore using Google Advanced Search

I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect wallpaper whenever I felt like looking at something different on my desktop/laptop screen. Messing around a little with Google search I found it amazingly easy to update my wallpaper. Just go… Continue Reading →

Seeking Graphic Designer

I am looking for a graphic designer to design my new logo. The logo will have a New Mexican accent but with a northwestern techie feel. I would prefer a local designer to work with, however would consider those that… Continue Reading →

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