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VSCode Git Issue

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Issue: The git repository has too many active changes. Resolution: This is an indication that you have a git build in a top-level directory. To resolve simply find the git repository root through your command line using: $ git rev-parse –show-toplevel… Continue Reading →


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A good philosophy is one which helps you see in the dark.

A good philosophy is one which helps you see in the dark.

Map: Seattle Software Development Labs

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“Go to where the puck is going, not to where it was.” – Wayne Gretzky It’s incredible how huge the growing wealth of software development talent is here in Seattle. In fact I found that many of the Fortune 500 companies… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence

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"People think AI is incredible, until they realize it's nothing but statistics."

“People think AI is incredible, until they realize it’s nothing but statistics.”

Solution: Scroll Bug for Chrome Developer Console

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I wanted to share with you a fix I discovered to address the scrolling issue we’ve been experiencing within the Developer Console for Chrome. It is really frustrating and time consuming when trying to scroll through your code and the… Continue Reading →

Update: I have changed the website theme to a more responsive and readable format to allow me to quickly add quality content that can be easily consumed. The Theme is Baskerville and was developed by Anders Norén.

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The Sound of Seattle

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This video is about the sound of Seattle and all of the wonderfully talented musicians that perform on our streets everyday for the world to enjoy.

Seattle Building Permits (Tableau Interactive Map)

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This interactive map, developed with Tableau, is a creative way to interact with all active building permits for the city of Seattle, Washington. There are a ton of great features which could be added to the map to increase the… Continue Reading →

Salesforce on iTunes

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Podcasting is apparently still alive and well and there is actually a channel dedicated to administering Salesforce. I kind of happened about this discovery and it is actually done really well by Mike Gerholdt & Gillian Madill with guest speakers…. Continue Reading →

The Big Salesforce Announcement

So what are we to expect from this vague suggestion that a brand new Salesforce will be revealed on August 25th? “16 years, 48 product releases, thousands of features, millions of happy users — it’s been an incredible journey. Together, we’ve changed business… Continue Reading →

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