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I recently finished an Android application that interfaces with to allow a sales rep to manage their opportunities within their Salesforce org. I made a final presentation of this app to present at the end of the professional continuing education course Android Application Development at the University of Washington. This presentation is now on YoutTube: Android Application

Top 11 Programming Skills of 2011

Here are the top programming skills of 2011 according to Gild.

Unfortunately Apex did not make the cut this year. I expect it will soon enough as Salesforce is constantly making it’s development platform innovative and powerful. The year of 2011 included many new features for Apex including the Rest API, Streaming API, Native JSON, and of course


Now Officially a Certified Developer!

Schedule Apex Jobs

The easiest way to schedule a recurring task to run at intervals other than daily or weekly is through the system log.

If your objective is to simply schedule an apex schedulable class to run on a daily or weekly basis, then using the Salesforce interface is best. This is done by going to Setup->Develop->Apex Classes then clicking on the ‘Schedule Apex’ button.

However if the objective is to run your class every hour, every half hour, or fifteen minutes then this quick tutorial will show you how.
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